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With 10+ years of experience in the hobby, we are your source for high-quality marine livestock. We are committed to providing the healthiest and brightest corals in the industry. All orders are boxed and shipped professionally and come with our Live Arrival Guarantee.


Unrivaled Reefs caters to reef enthusiasts and we specialize in premium coral at reasonable prices. We are highly supportive of aquaculture efforts and carry livestock grown by our facility or local farmers. We are interested in acquiring only the most colorful and hardy corals available, collected through sustainable practices.


We are hobbyists as well and maintain our own personal aquariums amassing only the best corals. We have collected strains of coral from many different vendors in order


to find the best possible color, hardiness and growth rates. Some of these corals have been in our systems for years and fragged countess times also increasing their hardiness.


Our facility is specially designed for acclimation, quarantine, and proper husbandry. This attention to detail ensures that our customers' purchases will receive the best possible care and will arrive in a healthy, thriving, colorful condition.

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