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unrivaled reefs feedback

Reef2Reef Lambchops

March 30 2017

Awesome seller, packages frags really well.

Reef2Reef Diamond Jack

March 9 2017

Great communication. Professional. All frags healthy. Thanks!

Reef2Reef bockscar1

Feb 16, 2016

Excellent seller, frags described and delivered as promised also inc extra frags

Reef2Reef Goat33

Feb 11, 2016

Great reefer to buy from..1000% satisfied

Reef2Reef Willz

Jan 27, 2015

Well packaged, all arrived alive, and some are already opening

Reef2Reef Birdmandan

Dec 9, 2014

Great seller and communication! Recommend!

Reef2Reef golfnut1232

Oct 15, 2014

Excellent experience

Reef2Reef EpicWin

Oct 15, 2014

Great seller

Reef2Reef Kylect

Sep 17, 2014

Great seller, communication, shipping and packaging. Buy with confidence!

Reef2Reef rlman41299

Mar 3, 2014

as always great guy to deal with

Reef2Reef $CoralBroke$

Feb 20, 2014

Buy with total confidence from WrongGenoType!!! Excellent coral, Ton of freebees

Reef2Reef Frank

December 19 2013

Excellent packing great frags A+++++++++

Reef2Reef Reef Feever

December 13 2013

I have purchased things from "reputable" sponsors just to find out the photos of their coral are so overly processed that when you receive your coral you are questioning if it is the same piece. The photos are truly WYSIWYG. All the coral I received was EXACTLY if not better looking than in the photos. He truly cares you get what you want. Corals appear to have little to no color loss, some polyps are open in the bag. Clearly the frags come from a healthy system. Frags are generous in size, DEFINITELY worth the money. Packaged nice and tight so corals are not bouncing around, triple bagged to ensure no leaks.

Reef2Reef ciscom

December 13 2013

I haven't had anything ship from him yet, but bought stuff from him when he's in town.. A few days latter after buying from him he still wanted to know how the corals were doing. Don't hesitate order now while supplies last lol.

Reef2Reef Reef Feever

December 13 2013

excellent seller, corals are truly WYSIWYG

Reef2Reef AXxiumRage

November 23 2013

Great guy to purchase from! Awesome frags, price, and packaging!

Reef2Reef nature786

November 8 2013

Great Communication & gave a discount on already great pricing. Awesome overall

Reef2Reef mikewilder

October 30 2013

Great prices, polyps, and packing A+++

Reef2Reef Bockscar1

October 2 2013

Once again awesome seller !!!!!!!!

Reef2Reef Bigpapa

October 2 2013

Great corals, very neat and professional

Reef2Reef rlman41299

September 25 2013

as always. great guy to deal with. glad you're local :-)

Reef2Reef bockscar1

September 11 2013

Returning buyer once again awesome product as advertised

Reef2Reef bockscar1

September 7 2013

Excellent communicator, packaging. Excellent overall experience.

ReefCentral bockscar1

August 22 2013

Packaged properly, shipped overnight, no leaks on the frag bags, coral shipped as ordered no broken parts. Thank you will buy from you again !!!

Reef2Reef Verduzco

July 5 2013

Excellent Seller. Great Packaging. Highly Recommend.

Reef Central bobby65

July 4 2013

I bought some Sunny D's recently and they look great. He packed and shipped everything really well and also included two big zoo frags for free. I'd def buy again! 

Reef Central fishcraze_1

July 4 2013

I ordered recently and his stuff is awesome. Included a couple freebies. Highly recommend.

Reef2Reef All Delight

June 24 2013

good person to deal with, packing was perfect!!


Reef2Reef rlman41299

June 23 2013

it's always a pleasure to deal with such a nice guy.

Reef Central JAustin

June 8 2013

Bought some goods from him and he shipped fast. Great communication and great guy! Thanks bro! 

Reef2Reef Nuocmam

June 8 2013

Very nice frags! Buy with confidence. Thanks again!

NanoReef Reef Goddess

July 11 2013

Really great seller, I bought some sunny d frags from him and he gave me two big and nice free zoa frags.

NanoReef Ebn

July 11 2013

Received some Z&Ps today and couldn't be happier. We couldn't meet up so USPS priority was used. No heat or cold pack required due to the great weather. Great communication throughout the entire deal with tracking information and he even went through the trouble of PM'ing me once the package arrived (literally as the receptionist was handing me the box). 

Each z&p individually packed. Tripled bagged with a deli cup for each frag. A hole was punched on the bottom of each deli cup which ensured that the frag doesn't get toss around. Very clean and effective way to ship frags. Would definitely buy from again. 

NanoReef tristanschlueter

July 13 2013

I purchased some Z's and P's and they arrived today in perfect shape, in fact they are already opening up in acclimation. They are very generous and healthy frags, and he sent two extras to make up for shipping costs. Overall a great experience, I would definitely buy again.

NanoReef Bobyboy

July 12 2012

Great seller, I would buy from him again no questions asked.

Thanks again. 

NanoReef buddythelion

May 30 2012

Great and friendly guy, always willing to help. His zoas are top notch and won't give them up until he knows they're perfectly healthy and ready to go to their new home. 

NanoReef DansTundra

February 19 2012

Great transaction and wouldn't mind buying from again 

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